SAFI Shayla Supa Micellar Fresh & Anti Itch Shampoo


SAFI Shayla Supa Micellar Fresh & Anti Itch Shampoo, infused with 1st in Malaysia Breakthrough Hijab Scalp Biotics Technology to rebalance scalp microbiome as the foundation for healthier scalp & thicker hijab hair and powered with 11 SUPA ACTION FORMULA for 11-in-1 Multi-benefits for long lasting clean & fresh scalp and weightless soft hair.
1) Scalp Detox
2) Anti Itch
3) Lightweight Hair
4) Instant Scalp Cooling
5) Scalp Soothing
6) Scalp Nourishing
7) Hair Volumizing
8) Hair Softness
9) Hair Moisturizing
10) Hair Bounce
11) 72 Hours* Fragrance

Gentle and super nourishing ingredients that effectively cleanse and detox scalp, and prevents itchiness. Leaves you a refreshed scalp and weightless soft hair!

Luxury fragrance crafted with world-class perfume masters. Deodorises hijab scalp malodor and leaves your hair with long lasting fragrance up to 72 hours**

*Based on lab test

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