SAFI Youth Gold Sensitive Biome Youthful Soothing Serum


A lightweight, oil-free serum with skin pH balance and non-irritant formula that feels hydrating and refreshing on the skin. It moisturizes deep within the skin to relieve skin roughness and redness for a smoother skin texture and healthier overall complexion.

Formulated with skin friendly ingredients to defend against 5 signs of aging and sensitive skin:
1. Pigmentation
2. Fine lines
3. Redness
4. Irritation
5. Itchiness

5X Ceramides –Contains 5 types of Ceramides that improve skin barrier function, elasticity and moisturization.

98% Gold Peptide- A Peptide fused with Nano Gold particles that reduces the depth of wrinkles, refines skin texture and restores skin elasticity.

Multibiotics –A combination of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics that creates a healthy skin, regulates.

Suitable for normal to sensitive skin.

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