SAFI Youth Gold Sensitive Biome Youthful Calming Gel


A water-based, skin pH balanced and non-irritant gel formula that is lightweight and refreshing on the skin. Formulated to be non-oily and non-sticky with fast absorption into the skin, it hydrates and calms the skin for relief of skin tightness, dryness and discomfort caused by sensitive skin.

Formulated with skin friendly ingredients to defend against 5 signs of aging and sensitive skin:
1. Pigmentation
2. Fine lines
3. Redness
4. Irritation
5. Itchiness

5X Ceramides –Contains 5 types of Ceramides that improve skin barrier function, elasticity and moisturization.

98% Gold Peptide- A Peptide fused with Nano Gold particles that reduces the depth of wrinkles, refines skin texture and restores skin elasticity.

Multibiotics –A combination of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics that creates a healthy skin, regulates skin’s natural defense, strengthens skin. barrier function and reduces discomfort.

Suitable for normal to sensitive skin.

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