SAFI Youth Gold Retinol Skin Repairing Serum Moisturiser 40g


Indulge your skin in a refreshing, aqua cream gel moisturizer. This lightweight moisturizer absorbs easily into your skin and forms a delicate water-veil protective layer that helps to lock in hydration. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to radiant, soft and supple skin that lasts all day long. A hypoallergenic formula that is even suitable for sensitive skin user.

Clinically* & Scientifically^ Proven Results.
137%* Instant Skin Moisture Boost
72* Hours Deep Hydration

3x Advanced Retinol – A newer generation of retinol that delivers better active stability and skin tolerance. Formulated with 3 types of Advanced Retinol to speed up the skin cell turnover rate to brighten skin and reduce the overall appearance of hyperpigmentation.
98% Gold Peptide - Reduces the depth of wrinkles, refines the skin texture and restores the skin elasticity.
Squalane - Sustainable and sugarcane-derived moisturizing agent that nourish and improve skin roughness, boosts skin hydration and reduces fine lines.
Ceramide - Improves skin barrier function, elasticity and moisturization.
Niacinamide - Reduces skin pigmentation by slowing down skin pigment transfer to skin surface for a brighter skin tone.

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