SAFI Shayla Supa Smooth & Fragrant Leave On Cream


SAFI SHAYLA Supa Smooth & Fragrant Leave On Cream is now formulated with NEW 11 SUPA-Action Formula consisting of 11-in-1 Multi-benefits & with Hyaluronic Acid to instantly transforms dry frizzy hair into superior silky soft, smooth & natural weight hair with long lasting fragrance. Use it as quick fix to style & prep hair with no rinse, no fuss & instant results. Rock your favourite hair or hijab style now with no stickiness, just amazing fragrance!

11 FORMULA TINDAKAN SUPA untuk 11-dalam-1 Pelbagai manfaat untuk melawan rambut kering keriting:
1) Hair Smoothness
2) Hair Softness
3) Lightweight
4) Itch Relief
5) Hair Silkiness
6) Damage Protection
7) Hair Repair
8) Hair Nourishing
9) Hair Moisturizing
10) Hair Shine
11) 72 hours Fragrance

Super Ingredients HYALURONIC ACID
Hydrating ingredient to provide hydration boost for dry frizzy hair!

Luxury fragrance crafted with world-class perfume masters. Deodorises hijab scalp malodor and leaves your hair with long lasting fragrance up to 72 hours**

**Based on lab test

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