Safi Sensitive Care Pore Refining Serum


A lighweight serum formulated with Advanced Skinbiotics Technology contains 5% Probiotics & Niacinamide to maintain skin microbiome balance, strengthens, hydrates and repairs skin barrier. Skin looks healthy and pores refined for a matte, shine-free look*.

*Clinically proven result

Probiotics - Strengthens skin’s natural defense and improves skin radiance.
Niacinamide - Repairs skin barrier functions and reduces irritation due to skin dryness.
Organic Aloe - Boosts skin moisture and soothes skin.
BHA - Exfoliates and unclogs pores while reducing sebum production.

Hypoallergenic tested

This product contains natural active ingredients which may cause discolouration. This does not affect product safety and quality.

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