SAFI Hydra Glow Hydrating Water Drop Moisturiser


Lightweight cream gel moisturiser that transforms into hydrating water droplets upon application. Infused with water soluble Vitamin B3 to effectively restore, retain and improve skin moisturisation, even out skin tone and enhance skin elasticity to reveal soft, hydrated and glowing skin.

This Moisturiser is coupled with Hydra Active³ Technology which combines 3 powerful hydrating ingredients of:

  • Fermented Rice Extract: Natural skin moisturiser that boosts skin radiance and translucency
  • Vitamin B5: Powerful skin hydrant to retain moisture, relieve skin dryness and restore skin smoothness
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Effectively locks in skin moisture, strengthening skin barrier and improving skin elasticity for hydrated, bouncy skin

*Lightly fragranced for delicate skin

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