SAFI Hydra Glow Hydrating Toning Essence


Hydrating water based toning essence that penetrates deep into skin layers to nourish and actively hydrate skin up to 48 hours*. Clinically tested to enhance skin moisture by 1.6X* immediately after application, leaving skin dewy, hydrated and glowing.
*Based on clinical test

This Toning Essence is coupled with Hydra Active³ Technology which combines 3 powerful hydrating ingredients of:

  • Fermented Rice Extract: Natural skin moisturiser that boosts skin radiance and translucency
  • Vitamin B5: Powerful skin hydrant to retain moisture, relieve skin dryness and restore skin smoothness
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Effectively locks in skin moisture, strengthening skin barrier and improving skin elasticity for hydrated, bouncy skin

*Lightly fragranced for delicate skin

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