SAFI Hijabista Bodycare Antibacterial Deodorant Spray Healthy White


Specially formulated for the comfort of Hijabista with 7 Pro Action 48H, Scent Care Technology that is Non-Alcohol, Refreshing & Non-Staining on clothes for visibly Brighter & Healthier underarms to stay confident throughout the day. Style with your favourite layered outfits now with brighter underarm, no body odour, just amazing smell!

  • 7 Pro Action 48H with Scent Care Technology
    • Antibacterial – Kills 99.99% bacteria
    • Anti-Odour 48 hours
    • Anti-Sweat 48 hours
    • Anti-Skin Stress
    • Anti-Irritation
    • Anti-Stains
    • Anti-Stickiness
  • Nourishes & Brightens underarms with Apricot Extract, Pearl Powder & Licorice
  • Non-alcohol, Refreshing, Non-staining on clothes
  • Dermatologically & Clinically tested
  • Free from: Paraben, Alcohol, Colourant, Mineral Oil & Animal Testing

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