Safi Acne Solutions 3 in 1 Cica Acne Rescue Serum


Lightweight water-based formula and soothing anti-acne serum that controls the formation of excessive acne-causing sebum, reduces acne scars and boost skin renewal for lesser acne breakouts & blemish-free skin.

For Acne-Prone to Dry Skin

Rapid Action Technology is infusion formula of PHA, BHA, Cica & Neem that prevents new acne formation leaving skin smooth and blemish free.

  • PHA - Mild exfoliation of dead skin and promotes skin renewal leaving skin brighter.
  • BHA - Penetrates deep into pores, controls sebum & removes impurities that clogs up pores.
  • Cica & Neem - Skin soothing that promotes skin barrier restoration & minimizes scarring.

*Clinically Proven Results

  • *87.5% Sebum Reduction
  • *3 weeks Skin Renewal
  • *72.7% Perceived Acne Scar Reduction
  • *100% Perceived Pore Tightening

No Mineral Oil | No alcohol | No Paraben | No animal testing | No animal derived ingredient | No Fragrance | No Colorant

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