• The other day, my husband was joking around. He said that I was getting older because he noticed wrinkles on my face. I have been worried ever since. What he said as a joke has turned into stress for me. What should I do to keep my skin looking young?

    Start by turning that stress into motivation instead. Try the new SAFI RANIA GOLD Serum that is enriched with its combination of Amino Peptide and Nano Gold 24K. It absorbs quickly and deeply into skin to produce 2x more collagen, helping to firm up skin. Use this serum day and night before applying the SAFI RANIA GOLD Moisturising Cream for incredible results!

  • My skin is dull. When I touch it, I am certain that the surface of my skin is covered with dead skin cells.

    Use SAFI RANIA Gold Facial Scrub. This scrub is able to gently remove impurities and dead skin cells that clog up pores, making skin healthy and radiant again.

  • In addition to looking dull and dark, my skin also looks fatigued. Which product should I use?

    The SAFI BALQIS Perfect 10 skincare range is your solution. Its Nano BioWhite formulation absorbs deep into skin to slow down melanin production that causes pigmentation. Frequent and long exposure to the sun causes skin to turn dull. You can protect your skin with products that have UV protection such as SAFI BALQIS Perfect 10. It not only protects skin, but also makes it soft and perfectly fair.

  • I have dark circles under my eyes. What should I do to reduce them?

    Tired eyes and lack of sleep cause dark eye circles to form, affecting the way you look. Use SAFI BALQIS Perfect 10 Eye Contour Cream. It helps reduce dark eye circles and absorbs quickly without causing oil seeds under eyes.

  • How do I overcome acne and remove acne scars? What’s a suitable cream for removing acne?

    Acne usually plagues teenagers but it also occasionally affects adults. Acne is caused by overactive oil glands that produce excessive oil and sebum on skin, especially on the face, chest and back. The Anti-Acne Cream with Sea Cucumber with its oil-free formulation removes dead skin cells that are the main cause of scarring and acne. It also contains Salicylic Acid that can help control acne. The result? Skin that is more radiant and free from blemishes and acne.

  • Spending the entire day in an air-conditioned office and fulfilling my duties as a Muslim by washing my face up to 5 times a day cause my skin to turn dry. Is there a facial cleanser that retains my skin’s moisture?

    Use the new SAFI RANIA GOLD Deep Moisturising Facial Cleanser, now enhanced with its combination of Amino Peptide and Nano Gold 24K. It not only cleanses, but deeply moisturises for softer, more refined skin. You can now cleanse your skin as often as necessary without worrying about it drying out.