• I often put on my headscarf, even when my hair is damp. When I take my headscarf off, my hair smells, my scalp is itchy and I even find dandruff on my scalp. How do I overcome this?

    In any situation, always make sure that your hair is completely dry before you put on your headscarf. Use SAFI Bio-Nutrix Shampoo with Kaffir Lime. Its Kaffir Lime Extract formulation is able to reduce dandruff and scalp itchiness as well as refresh scalp. Scalp is refreshed, giving you more attractive hair.

  • Feeling self-conscious because of unattractive underarms?

    Overcome this problem with SAFI’s new Antiperspirant Roll-on Deodorant with Pomegranate extract. Its alcohol-free formulation brightens and firms up the skin in your underarm areas. It prevents sweat and provides 24-hour protection to fight bacteria, the cause of body odour. Try it and see how confidence starts from within!

  • I have dry and uneven skin. Please help.

    If you do not apply lotion on your skin, it becomes dry easily and is prone to sunburn. SAFI BALQIS Perfect 10 Hand & Body Lotion provides sufficient nutrients to moisturise as well as protect skin effectively so that it is consistently fair and soft. Its BioWhite, Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 formulation helps reduce the formation of melanin while its UV protection shields skin from harmful UV rays.

  • Sweet food is undoubtedly tempting but it is also the main cause of tooth decay. What are some steps we should take as a family to maintain dental health?

    The solution is the SAFI Toothpaste range with its Micro Calcium formulation. It comes in 3 natural variants namely Kayu Sugi, Orange Herbal and Sea Cucumber. Micro Calcium absorbs quickly, giving 2x the protection to fight cavities for teeth that are 2x stronger, 2x healthier. Keep in mind that good health does not end with just strong teeth. Cut down on sugar in your diet and put the sweetness in your smile instead.

  • How do I take care of my intimate area?

    It is absolutely important for women to take care of their intimate areas. Teenage girls can try SAFI Feminine Hygiene Wash which comes in 3 variants (Delima, Zamrud and Nilam) while SAFI Feminine Hygiene Foam is suitable for adults. Formulated with pH3.5 to keep your natural pH balance and moisture for a fresher, cleaner and healthier intimate area.