When you reach your mid-twenties, collagen produced naturally in the dermis of the skin begins to decrease. As a result, skin looks dull, less supple and tired.

Get an effective remedy with New SAFI RANIA GOLD! The combined formulation of BIO NANO GOLD 24K and SILK PROTEIN, acts to stimulate collagen synthesis and also lock moisture in the skin layer . As a result, your skin is more supple, bright and youthful!.

Look 5 years younger *

SAFI RANIA GOLD. Advanced technology with


It absorbs into the dermis layer of the skin to stimulate collagen for a more supple and smooth skin.


Contains 18 types of Amino Acids to form the skin’s protective layer that is able to lock in moisture and keeps skin smooth so it stays soft as silk.


  • PHASE 1 Skin is brighter and gets 2x instant moisturisation.
  • PHASE 2 Skin feels supple, smooth and soft in 3 weeks.
  • PHASE 3 Face becomes brighter, skin looks youthful and young always.

* Proven. Based on clinical trials on 157 Malay women by Wipro Unza Malaysia Skin Research Innovation Center , the largest HALAL laboratory in Southeast Asia
** With continuous use of SAFI RANIA GOLD product range.

Start Early, Preserve Your Beauty.