Regain your skin's elegance with the SAFI RANIA ADVANCED CORRECTOR series that addresses the aging issue naturally without intensive treatment that is both expensive and painful. In fact, it can also be used together with SAFI RANIA GOLD beauty series or with your own beauty products to provide complete beauty care for all ages and skin types.

A combination of Nano Diamond and Nano Gold, it works deep inside the skin layer, stimulating cell metabolism to produce 2x more collagen and elastin for the treatment of fine lines and to tighten the skin from within.

Prevents the formation of melanin to stop the production of pigmentation, to cover up and reduce dark spots on the face, making skin smoother, more radiant.

Follow these 5 beauty care steps with SAFI RANIA ADVANCED CORRECTOR below!

  • STEP 1 Cleanses & and locks in moisture
  • STEP 2 Stimulates & and revitalize the skin cells
  • STEP 3 Accelerates the recovery of new skin cells
  • STEP 4 Protects the skin during the day
  • STEP 5 Repairs skin during the night immediately


  1. More than 249% increase in collagen production for firmer skin structure
  2. Over 120% increase in the strength of the skin's protective barrier (filaggrin)
  3. More than 100% increases in moisture
  4. Over 100% increase in elastin for skin's elasticity

Effectively treating the effects of aging as early as the FIRST APPLICATION*

*Level test in-vitro gene expression