• Hanis Zalikha
    Celebrity/ SAFI Balqis Ambassador


    • Actress, Blogger, Model

    Films & Telefilms

    • Momok The Movie (2009)
    • Gangster Celop (2013)
    • Romeo Kota (2014)
    • Mariam Kampung Putat (2012)
    • Aku Benci Mama (2013)
    • Mama-Mama Mia (2013)

    TV Program Hosting

    • Host for Mad Market (2012)
    • Host for AF Buzz (2013)
    • Host for Raikan Cinta (2013 - 2014)


    • Runner-up for Malaysian Dreamgirl (2008)
    • 6th placing for Top 10 Fastest Rising People in Google Malaysia Top Searches (2010)
    • Nominated for the Most Influential Blog Award (2011)
    • Nominated for Popular New Female Artist at ABPBH (2013)

    SAFI BALQIS introduced the White Trilogy System as the latest technology that helps whiten skin for perfect fairness. In line with the needs of today’s youth market that want to achieve perfect fairness safely, Hanis Zalikha was chosen and appointed as the ambassador for SAFI BALQIS since Hanis is also a SAFI BALQIS user.

    Hanis Zalikha possesses an easy-going, spontaneous and open personality. However, she is meticulous when it comes to choosing a beauty product. To ensure she always looks good in public Hanis places great emphasis on quality beauty products, which is why she uses SAFI Balqis!

    SAFI Balqis is targeted at the youth market as these group of consumers are always conscious about looking good. The advantage for Hanis is that she has thousands of followers in social media, in which she shares her beauty secret, including tips and guides on looking beautiful.

    Now Hanis Zalikha continues to find new ways to achieve perfect, beautiful skin and also enhance her looks with SAFI BALQIS to help her go further in her career and life. That kind of determination aptly mirrors the attitude of today’s dynamic youth market. SAFI’s faith in Hanis is justified as she continues to shine in the local entertainment industry with the perfect fairness that she receives from SAFI BALQIS!

  • Nora Danish
    Celebrity/SAFI Rania Gold Ambassador


    • Actress & Host

    Drama & Films

    • Pengantin Malam (2014)
    • Anak Jantan (2014)
    • Gudang Kubur (2015)
    • Hantu Bungkus Ikat Tepi (2015)
    • Suami Aku Ustaz (2015)
    • Suamiku Jatuh Dari Langit (2015)
    • Polis EVO (2015)
    • Drama siri Puteri (2005-2008)
    • Ariana Mikhail (2011)

    TV Program Hosting

    • Sensasi Bollyone HD (2015)

    Nominated for many prestigious awards in the Malaysian entertainment industry and have won:

    • Most Glamorous Dress, ABPBH (2005)
    • Hot Chick Award, Shout! Award (2012)

    When women reach their mid-20’s, skin collagen starts to deteriorate. As a result, skin will look dull, less supple and tired. The new SAFI RANIA GOLD with the combined formulation of BIO NANO GOLD 24K AND SILK PROTEIN stimulates collagen synthesis while locking in moisture on the skin’s surface. This latest technological innovation is specially made to provide effective skincare solutions. Result? Your skin becomes more supple, fair and youthful-looking, so you will look younger than your actual age!

    In line with this, SAFI RANIA GOLD wants women everywhere to be inspired to be beautiful so they can always look young, with skin that’s supple, fair and youthful. The choice of Nora Danish as ambassador is in line with SAFI RANIA GOLD’s objective to ensure women start early to preserve their beauty. Nora Danish as a popular celebrity, is seen as the ideal inspiration for women to keep looking beautiful and stay young much like herself, who also trusts SAFI RANIA GOLD to keep her looking young and youthful despite her age.

    Nora’s active use of social media to share her daily activities as well as subjects that revolves around the latest fashion and lifestyle trends, have elevate Nora’s credibility as a fashion icon, even as a mother. Nora Danish’s role as SAFI RANIA GOLD’s ambassador has helped create a positive impact on SAFI RANIA GOLD’s product range, and establish the brand firmly in a very challenging market segment!

  • Fattah Amin
    Actor / SAFI Men Ambassador


    • Actor/Singer/Entrepreneur

    Filmography & Television Drama

    • Playboy Itu Suami Aku (2013)
    • Cinta Ibadah (2014)
    • Ku Kejar Cinta Ke Malaysia (2014)
    • From Hater to Lover (2014)
    • Plan Cinta Tak Jadi (2015)
    • Hello Mr Perfect (2015)
    • Gameshow Lari (2016)


    • Juara Pencarian Hero Remaja 2011/2012

    Exposure to sunlight rays and the surrounding environment that’s full of smoke and pollution can certainly affect appearance as well as the lifestyle of men today. The face will feel dirty and skin can darken. But that’s not all, such extremes can get in the way of everyday activities. In understanding situations like these, SAFI has introduced a range of skincare that’s specially formulated for men who like taking on challenges – SAFI MEN.  

    In line with its tagline “True Freshness”, SAFI MEN formulation is strengthened with a cooling sensation of H2O Cool Cactus. It deeply cleanses skin by removing dirt build-up and effectively, if not quickly, minimises acne. The cactus anti-oxidant element supplies important nutrients and moisturises facial skin naturally so that it maintains freshness throughout the day eventhough one may face challenges in the line of work!

    To represent its new range, SAFI MEN has elected Fattah Amin as the brand ambassador of SAFI MEN. Fattah is a talented actor who has made a name for himself and is currently big in the local entertainment arena. His star is on the rise after having filmed several hits for local television series. His portfolio as an artist originating from Kuala Lumpur has continued to increase positively over time with a body of work that is of excellent quality, so much so that he was once offered a role to star in a TV drama abroad! The inner strength exemplified by Fattah proves that one needs to push hard in facing challenges and to explore capabilities until one succeeds, without giving up.

    As a well-known and popular actor who is admired by many, Fattah needs to ensure his outlook and appearance is appealing. A demanding schedule that’s packed and active with outdoor activities means that Fattah is constantly exposed to pollution and dirty environments which can ultimately cause his skin to be oily. As a result, bacteria can form and facial acne will start appearing. This can affect his focus and attention when filming on set or his daily duties. With SAFI MEN, Fattah can be more confident and maintain his focus! At the same time, it will assist Fattah in being more fashionable, stylish and versatile with an appearance that’s clean and free of blemish thus realising his dream of exploring inner strength that isn’t merely about physical capacity, but a journey of self-discovery.