• Ziana Zain

    Career & Accomplishments

    Actress, Singer, Model and Entreprenuer

    Safi Rania Diamond is a premium range of anti-aging treatment product formulated with Nano DNA Diamond Technology. Nano DNA Diamond Technology is a combined formulation of Nano Gold and Nano diamond which produces twice collagen and elastin to treat and tighten skin from within.

    Ziana Zain - Icon of world-class local entertainment and lifestyle is the latest ambassador of Safi Rania Diamond.

    She brings the image of Safi’s modern women with an impressive career but still put her family as priority. Ziana is an icon and inspiration for the high achieving modern woman that prides in maintaining their youthful appearance.

    Ziana Zain excels as an icon and idol in entertainment industry because of her natural talent, confidence, persistance dan professionalism. Becoming the queen of industry and housewife is a testament of her greatness in honoring both personalities. More over, she always look stylish and graceful, which a perfect fit for Safi Rania Diamond brand.

    Now Ziana has found the destination of her beauty adventure. At her 40s, she found the regime that suits her skin and age.

    Safi Rania Diamond provides optimum results for treating and correcting wrinkles, sagging skin and pigmentation from the very first application.

  • Rozita Che Wan
    SAFI RANIA GOLD Ambassador


    Actress, model and businesswoman


    Sepi, Dunia Baru The Movie, Kantoi, Jangan Tegur, Sifu & Tonga, Misteri Balan Balan The Movie, 4 Madu etc.

    Dramas / Telemovies

    Annisa, Susuk, Ai Di Beijing, Diari Ramadan Raffique, Ayyad, Kuih Goyang Seha, Lawaknya Fantasia Raya, Madu Sorok, Cikgu Kemisah Kerby, Kiah Pekasam, Kem Pink, Dosa Siapa, Iparku Diva and Diari Summer Camp etc.

    SAFI RANIA GOLD, Malaysia’s number one Halal and Suci skincare brand introduces new ambassador, the popular actress Rozita Che Wan. SAFI RANIA GOLD portrays modern image yet instils the grace and unique beauty of a classic and regal woman, which makes Rozita the perfect choice to represent the brand.

    Rozita is an icon and an inspiration for the high achieving modern woman that prides in maintaining their youthful appearance. A glowing and radiant skin is one of the basis of confidence. As we grow older, our skin will lose its youthfulness, elasticity and its radiance thus a good skincare regime should begin at a young age. Rozita herself has proven that even though she is in her 40’s, she still has glowing and youthful skin.