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WIPRO UNZA Launches SERI: SAFI Excellence in Research & Innovation Centre

  • The World’s most advanced Halal Skincare R&D Facility in Malaysia
Over the recent years, there has been a growing demand for halal beauty products. Consumers are becoming more conscious of the quality of the products they use from the choice of ingredients, the process, testing, efficacy and safety aspects. There are a wide range of skincare brands available to the masses in Malaysia, however, all products formulated and developed at SERI goes through a stringent quality process and is ensured Halal, thus further assuring Muslim consumers on the ingredients and quality of SAFI products.
The SERI (SAFI Excellence in Research & Innovations) Centre that is an integral part of the Wipro Skin Research and Innovation Centre was established in June 2013 with an initial investment of RM 10 million. In the last 5 years, the SERI Centre R&D investments in Malaysia have recorded over RM 30 million as the largest and most advanced Halal skincare lab in the world.
The SERI Centre is equipped with cutting edge facilities managed by over 100 researchers and scientists across diverse disciplines including molecular biology, immunology, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, chemical engineering and biochemistry who make highly affordable, efficacious and sensorially delightful dermatological products possible.
The product development journey at the SERI Centre begins with the consumer for inspired innovation with focused understanding of Asian skin, the impact of the climatic conditions of the region, emerging trends and technological advancement that integrate the best in nature and science. This has enabled SAFI to maintain its leading position in mass market skincare. Apart from skincare, SAFI has a wide range of other popular personal products comprising shampoo, hair treatment, lotion, talcum, roll-on deodorant, oils, toothpaste and most recently, liquid shower and mixed berry collagen beauty drink.
The SERI Centre has pioneered the application of Nano-technology in the Malaysia personal care industry with its ground-breaking Nano Gold invention that has been incorporated into the anti-aging SAFI Rania Gold range. With the integration of Nano encapsulation, bio active ingredients such as skin brightening compounds can be better stabilized and made more effective to penetrate at a faster rate into the deeper layers of the skin.
In order to gain a profound understanding of the target Asian consumer group and the specifics of Asian skin, skin biological age testing through representative clinical study sample sizes have been tested and conducted based on local Malay Muslim women. Additionally, a 3D skin model has been developed to study the skin at the molecular level thus ensuring the importance of product efficacy and safety can be conducted strictly without requiring any animal testing.
With the dedicated backing of the SERI Centre, SAFI will continue to raise the bar in the personal care industry with development and production of highly effective and cost efficient formulations that are of international standards.
The SERI Centre will now open its doors to interested members of the public to be part of its SERI Laboratory Tour and Skin Analysis once a month starting from September 2018. As group sizes will be limited, advanced registration needs to be made at For further information on SERI and SAFI’s latest promotions, please visit SAFI’s official website at , SAFI’s official Facebook page at and SAFI’s official Instagram page at


SAFI was launched in 1985 with a product assortment including fragrances, talcum and deodorants. SAFI product range is then expanded with the introduction of its skincare line. In 1999, SAFI product sales soared with the introduction of new packaging design that is more feminine and modern. Today, SAFI offers a complete selection of products such as skincare, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, talcum, cosmetics, and hair styling products, feminine personal hygiene products as well as bath products. To date, SAFI is the biggest brand within Wipro Unza (M) Sdn. Bhd. stable of brands since 2005.