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For a Perfectly Healthy, Bright and Glowing Skin

Skin whitening process becomes faster and more effective when the skin is in its best condition and with adequate supply of oxygen. The polluted air as well as the harmful UV rays have slowly decreased the oxygen in our skin. Furthermore, many did not realise on the dangerous effects of Infrared (IR) radiated by the sun and other heated items that causes the skin to become dark and subsequently dull.

With profound understanding on every girl’s dream of having a perfectly fair skin, SAFI, the no 1 halal brand in Malaysia is proud to introduce its new formulation from the SAFI Balqis skincare range that is enriched with Oxywhite Formulation – a combination of Nano Oxgen and Nano BioWhite  for healthier and perfectly fairer skin. This brand new range within SAFI’s beauty legacy is known as SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite.

According to SAFI Marketing Manager, Puan Mahsuri Sulaiman, “At SAFI, we always see SAFI BALQIS as a loyal friend who is always ready to dispense beauty tips and advice for you to look beautiful and confident at all times. With the arrival of SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite, not only your skin tone will be twice brighter, but it also will make your skin healthier naturally. Each product variation is packed with distinctive benefits in combating dull and dark skin.”

Speaking of product quality and efficacy, “Every product produced by SAFI is developed based on thorough research carried out by the SAFI Excelence in Research & Innovation (SERI Research Institute) that is located in Subang Jaya. The Research and Development (R&D) laboratory, whichis the biggest in Southeast Asia, uses global ingredient sources that are high in quality and non-animal tested, in order to guarantee its efficacy and to strengthen SAFI’s storied philosophy – Safe and Pure. The unison of technology and our expertise makes our products on par with other international brands in the maket,” said Puan Mahsuri.

Mahsuri further added, “The OxyWhite formulation is built from the combination of Nano Oxygen and Nano Biowhite technology so your skin looks healthier, glowing and fairer. The Nano Oxygen technology acts by releasing additional oxygen into the epidermal layers so the skin cells can be activated to assist the Nano BioWhite to expedite the skin brightening process effectively by slowing down the melanin formation – the main cause of pigmentation – whilst balancing the skin tone. The result is healthier, fairer and perfectly luminous skin.”

“Furthermore, the formulation efficacy is not merely reflected in the combination of the two nano technologies. SAFI makeup remover too is now enhanced with Micellar technology that is capable of removing makeup, oil and dust with just one wipe on the skin. Whilst the protective benefits contained within the SAFI Day Cream has been enhanced with Infrared (IR) Protection technology to protect the skin from Infrared rays radiated by the sun and other heat sources that can darken and dull the skin.”

Adding a dose of coolness SAFI’s beauty legacy, SAFI is proud to introduce Sarah Hilderbrand, actress, model and TV presenter as the face of SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite. “To us, Sarah is the epitome of today’s girl. She has a nonchalant personality, yet beautiful in every aspect. She has a beautiful face, soft-spoken, cool and fun personality but with a flair of elegance. Her active and constantly fresh working attitude breathers a new lease of life into the industry. Her captivating moves made Sarah the most suitable personality for our latest Balqis Girl,” Puan Mahsuri explained.

Commenting on Sarah’s credibility in promoting the SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite, said Puan Mahsuri, “With her down to earth personality, she will bring SAFI BALQIS brand closer to the consumers, especially to those who always dream of perfectly fairer skin. With her own experience as a SAFI BALQIS user and the ambassador of SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite, Sarah will be the finest example and every girl’s “best friend” in assisting them to look for the best skin brightening solution. Her amicable attitude brings forth the consumers’ confidence towards our

Experience brighter and healthier skin with balanced tone via SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite skincare range regimen that is created for every girl.

The new formulation of SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite comes in exciting packaging colour and easy to be carried around. The normal skin range boasts the combination of marine blue and bright green bring forth the girly spirit so you can look fresh and glowing whilst orange and yellow colour combination imparts happier and more confident mood on the SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite oil control range.

In line with the new packaging look, SAFI also revamped its logo and typeface to appear more modern and more appealing to the consumers. The new logo is more simple and trendy, aligned with SAFI BALQIS personality that is always fresh and confident.

Give your skin a new breathe of life with the following product range from SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite:

SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite Skincare Product Range (For Normal Skin)

1. SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite Facial Cleanser
Pack size          : 50g/ 100g
RCP                   : RM7.30/ RM12.30 (after 6% GST)
Daily activities and environmental factors cause the skin to become dull, lifeless and dirty. Formulated with Micro-Foam technology, the fomay cleanser:

  1. Cleanses deep into the pores
  2. Removes excessive dirt and makeup residue
  3. Maintains moisture after usage
  4. Suitable for all skin types

2. SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite Scrub Cream
Pack size          : 100g
RCP                  : RM 12.90 (after 6% GST)
Dead skin cells and dirt are the main factors of dull and lifeless skin. The foam-free formulation is enriched with fine Apricot beads that:

  1. Removes the dead skin cells and blackheads without scratching the skin
  2.  Cleanses deeply into the pores to extricate dirt and trapped sebum
  3. Formulated with balanced pH
  4.  Suitable for all skin types

3. SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite 2-in-1 Cleanser and Toner
Pack Size         : 150ml
RCP                  : RM17.40 (after 6% GST)
Packed day-to-day schedule is the main cause of dull and lifeless skin. This cleanser acts by:

  1. Deeply cleansing the pores through extricating excess dirt while decreasing the pore size
  2. The micro beads with Sunflower oil and Vitamin E acts as the antioxidant that optimizes the skin protection
  3. Soap-free formulation to maintain skin pH moisture
  4. Contains menthol that soothes and cools the skin

4. SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite Whitening Essence
Pack size          : 20ml
RCP                   : RM28.10 (selepas 6% GST)
Enhanced formulation with Nano Oxygen and Nano BioWhite that’s 1000x more effective from Vitamin:

  1. Brightens faster and intensively
  2. Decreases pigmentation profoundly
  3. Evenly tones the skin tone
  4. Renews the skin for brighter appearance
  5. Reduces redness and discomfort
  6. Softens and hydrates the skin

5. SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite Toner
Pack Size         : 100ml
RCP                  : RM10.90 (after 6% GST)
Pores will open after cleansing thus exposing the skin to dirt. SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite toner will:

  1. Decrease the size of the pores for cleaner skin with Mushroom extract
  2. Prepare the skin to absorb the next product effectively
  3. Leave a refreshing sensation minus the sticky sensation with alcohol-free formulation

6. SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite CC Cream SPF25PA++
Pack Size         : 20g
RCP                  : RM 21.70 (after 6% GST)
This cream is a makeup foundation with the benefit of lightly textured moisturizer and water based that does not only refines the skin but also:

  1. Covers the flaws without clogging the pores so the skin can breathe easily
  2. Brightens the skin immediately
  3. Evens the skin tone so skin will appear brighter naturally
  4. Conceals acne and blackhead scars
  5. Protects the skin from the dangers of UVA & UVB with SPF25PA++
  6. Moisturises the skin
  7. Reduces the shine on oily skin

7. SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite Day Moisturising Cream SPF20PA++IR
Pack size          : 45g
RCP                   : RM 20.20 (after 6% GST)
Sunlight and air-conditioner are the main cause of dull, dark and lifeless skin. The day moisturizing cream acts by:

  1. Toning the skin twice brighter
  2. Protects the skin from dangerous UVA & UVB radiation with SPF20PA++
  3. Preventing the skin from darkening due to infrared (IR) radiation with Infrared (IR) protection
  4. 100% protection from free radicals
  5. Brightens the skin swift and effectively
  6. Refines the skin
  7. Evenly tones the skin

8. SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite Moisturising Gel
Pack size          : 45g
RCP                  : RM 20.20 (after 6% GST)
Water-based moisturizing gel with light texture that moisturizes the skin up to 24:

  1. Brighten and reduces skin discomfort
  2. Vitamin B balances the skin tone
  3. Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes deeper and longer into the skin
  4. Easily absorbed by the skin without leaving any residue
  5. Suitable for combination skin and oily skin; day or night

9. SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite Complete Whitening Cream SPF15
Pack size          : 40g
RCP                   : RM14.90(after 6% GST)
Water-based complete whitening cream is enriched with Insta-Bright Mineral:

  1. Brightens the skin effectively
  2. Evens the skin tone effectively
  3. Protecting the skin from dangerous UV rays
  4. Reduces the formation of blackheads
  5. Long period of moisturisation minus the residue
  6. Lessen the shine on oily skin

10. SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite Beauty Cream
Pack Size         : 16g
RCP                  : RM8.60 (selepas 6% GST)
Uneven skin tone makes your appearance less appealing. This cream acts by:

  1. Providing a makeup base to cover the flaws perfectly
  2. Protecting the skin from UV rays whilst decreasing pigmentation
  3. Maintaining moisture and softening the skin
  4. Evenly tones the skin tone

11. SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite Makeup Cleanser
Pack Size         : 200ml
RCP                  : RM17.40 (selepas 6% GST)
Makeup that is not cleaned properly will clog the pores. Enhanced with Micellar technology, the water based cleanser will:

  1. Remove excess makeup and dirt easily and effectively
  2. Bio Hyaluronic content retains moisture and increases skin elasticity
  3. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite Skincare Range Products (Oil Control)

12. SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite Acne & Oil-Control Facial Cleanser
Pack Size         : 50g/ 100g
RCP                  : RM7.30/ RM12.30 (after 6% GST)
Oily skin allows bacteria to thrive and the formation of excessive sebum leads to breakout. Formulated for oily skin, the cleanser will:

  1. Cleanse deeply so the skin will be free from dirt and oil
  2. Control blemishes by absorbing excess oil and dirt accumulated within the pores
  3. Zinc Micro Mineral controls the formation of sebum to combat acne
  4. Suitable for oily and acne-prone skin

13: SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite 2-in-1 Acne & Oil-Control Cleanser and Toner
Pack Size         : 150ml
RCP                  : RM17.40ml (selepas 6% GST)
Dirt from polluted air is the main cause of oily and acne-prone skin. This 2-in-1 cleanser and toner acts by:

  1. Cleansing the pores deeply whilst reducing its size
  2. Micro beads with Tea Tree oil and Vitamin E reduces acne formation
  3. Micro Zing Mineral controls sebum formation
  4. Soap-free formulation retains the skin pH moisture
  5. Cooling and soothing the skin with menthol content

14. SAFI BALQIS OxyWhite Anti-Acne Cream
Pack size          : 15g
RCP                   : RM11.90 (selepas 6% GST)
Acne-infested skin will make you feel uncomfortable and less confident. With 99.9% antii-bacteria formulation, the cream will: 

  1. Provide intensive anti-acne treatment
  2. Stop blackheads from forming
  3. Blur the acne scars
  4. Zinc Micro Mineral will control sebum formation to prevent acne
  5. Reduce redness on the skin with natural Lipid Enhancer
  6. Natural AHA controls bacteria, the main cause of acne

These products are available nationwide, including major supermarkets and hypermarkets. For more info on SAFI please log on to SAFI Facebook page,, Instagram at SAFI@safimalaysia, SAFI Youtube channel at